Monday, March 26, 2007

It's been a while

Sorry to any of you who have been anxiously awaiting another post from me. Getting over the carpal tunnel surgery has been a little more draining than I'd realized. While the pain from the CTS is gone, the pain from the surgery part itself has not, though it is getting better. One thing I've learned is that our hands are exceptionally intricate as to how the muscles/tendons/ligaments/nerves all work together. It's amazing to discover by trying to do something that x-activity = 17 different aspects of the hand working in concert. Quite a cool discovery, really, but still, one I'd rather not have had to make.

Today I had to post this in honor of my kitty Roger and my friend Tater:

It's obvious why this was for Roger, but the reason it was also for Tater is because she gets so tickled over pictures like this with little sayings on them, and now, I'm addicted too! If you are like us, in our easily-amusedness, you can find more of these at:

There are many other sites that feature these "lolcats", but I love the Cheezburger site the most.

More posts to come regarding future travel plans.



Genevieve said...

Do you have all the feeling back in your fingers, or do you think there will be nerve damage? (My husband ha numb spots on his hand from having surgery to set his broken arm.)

the night owl said...

Hi Suzanne,
Wishing you a full recovery from your surgery.I will have double knee replacements this summer.I started blogging afew months ago.I have much to learn. Come over and visit.